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  • This set of "CHR" intelligence into a set of equipment is a large-scale enterprises in Shanghai customized special machine tool for the production of automotive engine parts, to the general, Volkswagen and other world famous automobile enterprises supply. The set of equipment by the combination drill milling and boring machine, vertical external broaching machine and the mechanical hand and a conveyer belt which, servo control, remote monitoring and online diagnosis technology integration can complete drilling, chamfering, boring, planar Broaching processing. The traditional production process need at least 5 different machine to make the finished product, in the equipment can form efficient pipeline, high precision production, processing efficiency reached 10 sec / piece, the index reaches the international first-class

    Type:Combination of drilling and milling machine, external broaching machine and manipulator and a conveyer belt.

    Control form:CNC

    Dynamic type:Hydraulic pressure


    Applicable industry:-ttu99.comauto parts